Today we are joyful in our lives, in our successes and accomplishments. Still each of us knows and loves a version of our younger selves: A young girl tucked away with all of the the marvel, the optimism, the ambition, the expectations of society, the trauma of reality and the responsibilities of the world.  

In everyday celebration of Our Voices, and in the tradition of our village, LivingWellProject is gathering video and audio “pearls of wisdom” to share with Our Younger Sisters, Our Younger Selves and our LWP Sister Network.

We Want To Hear From You

Take a moment for that younger you. Take a quiet moment to speak to her heart:

- A Simple Message
- A Word of Advice
- A Word of Wisdom
-A Word of Encouragement

Video Directions

  1. 30 seconds maximum - enough time to speak simply and clearly
  2. 1 color background, simple with no distractions (preferably white)
  3. Camera or phone at least an "arm's length" away from your body
  4. Make sure we can see the top of your head and your shoulders in your video